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East Coast Driveline

2011-2013 Dodge Durango RWD/2WD HD Driveshaft Steel, Aluminum, or Carbon Fiber

2011-2013 Dodge Durango RWD/2WD HD Driveshaft Steel, Aluminum, or Carbon Fiber

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Made to order

Stock 2 Piece steel Driveshaft is upgraded version of original Mopar Driveshaft

1 Piece Aluminum Driveshaft made with 3.5” HD Tubing and 1350 Series Solid u-joints

1 Piece Carbon Fiber Driveshaft made with 3.25”iD or 3.5”iD Carbon Tubing and Solid 1350 u-joints (Must Check clearance to fit the 3.5iD Carbon. Outside Diameter on this driveshaft is 3.75”) 

***All sales are final. Customer is responsible for checking tunnel for clearance and making sure nothing is near driveshaft that will damage tubing. Any damage done by clearance issues voids all warranty. ***

Please keep heat in excess of 250 degrees away from bonded areas on the Carbon Fiber Driveshaft for extended periods of time. While it is uncommon to see these temperatures under a moving vehicle, we highly recommend heat shielding/insulation, exhaust/header wrap, to create a barrier of protection. Shafts that fail due to improper heat shielding and subsequent thermal degradation of bonding agent are not covered by warranty.

Please check for any clearance issues. Check the driveshaft tunnel for any bolts, heat shield rub, exhaust clearance, shifter clearance, etc. Make sure nothing rubs the driveshaft. This is your responsibility. Any interference with the driveshaft is not covered under warranty.

All driveshafts made to order 1-3 Weeks Lead


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