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East Coast Driveline

8HP Output Yoke 4140 chromoly

8HP Output Yoke 4140 chromoly

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 8HP Output Yoke 4140 chromoly

Made with 4140 chromoly, through hardened for ductility, and case hardened for high surface hardness. After the dual stage hardening process it is polished and zinc coated black.


This flange bolts directly to your 8HP output-shaft, and enables you to use the common and beefy 1350 u-joint flange, or the Toyota or Nissan 4 bolt pattern/pilot. Machined speed pickup tooth integrated to the flange. Comes with a pilot to perfectly centre the propshaft for all 3 variations. 



  • 4x High tensile bolts
  • 4x Nord-lock washers
  • 1x Stepped pilot ring for Nissan and Toyota 


Compatible 1350 yokes:

  • Sonnax T3-2-119A (Aluminum)
  • Dana_Spicer 2-2-1789 (steel)

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